Saturday, 7 January 2017

Long Break

Hi Guys,

Sorry I took a long break from blogging. You know, I was getting used to the school system here and classes and settling down and I was virtually left with no time to blog. Its really hard to come up with blog posts so for now I am going to develop a new strategy.

Instead of typing long 'essays', the blog will have less words and more pictures. I believe that way is easier for me to keep you updated and a picture says a thousand words.

Another thing you need to note, because I will not be blogging frequently, a better way of keeping up with my posts would be to subscribe. This way you will be notified by google when I put up a blog posts.

Catch you guys later



  1. Amazing blog! I'm looking to study in Germany for the winter semester. Start undergrad in the US but had to move back home cause of forex. Really hoping I make it to Germany

  2. Hiya. Nice blog so far.. And I know it's quite difficult settling in esp being an international student cos I've been in ur shoes. Lol
    Pls can u drop ur email? I want to ask few questions on behalf of a friend who's considering Masters in Europe..any country asides from UK. You earlier mentioned Italy was pretty easy to process. I need more light on this pls-d school dat initially gave you admission and d process.
    U can Pls email me:
    Cheers. I'll be looking forward to ur email.

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