Friday, 7 October 2016

My Life in Siegen

My school is located in a meduim sized town called Siegen. Yeah I am sure you havent heard of it.

Siegen is in the North Rhine Westphallia state in west Germany. The good thing about schooling here is that with a Semesters fee you can travel within the whole of North Rhine Westphallia without paying.

More well known towns in my state are Cologne, Bonn, Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Essen. Frankfurt though in another state is also only 2 hours away.

I travelled to Cologne 2 days ago and I really loved it there. It's got the big city feel which is lacking in Siegen.
Cologne Central Train Station


Though Siegen is small(ish), I think I will enjoy my stay here. There is a little of everything and its got the right environment to help me concentrate on my studies.

Right now, I am searching for a permanent place to live and I have done a few house viewings. Without a contract, you cant get much done around here.  You need a rental contract to register at the city. You need the city registration to apply for a resident card. You need a resident card to apply for jobs. And yeah I would like to work.

Lectures havent started yet,so for now I am just spending my time getting things done and meeting up with some people I know here.

The weather is a bit chilly at the moment but I am gradually getting used to it.


  1. Congratulations once more. There is nothing as good as seeing your dreams come to pass. You are really inspiring me. Thank you for this medium.

    1. Oh yes thank you! But now I have to chase a bigger dream :)

  2. So how are u coping with language barrier? I may just get interested in Germany because of you,since my Canada Visa didn't work out. You make it look so easy.


    1. I studied a little bit of German in Ghana. And I will also register for German lessons at my school. Its a bit hard but most of the Africans who live here are able to speak it well so I guess with time I should also be able to

    2. @Ethel same with me. I'm noe interested in Germany since my canada visa didn't work out.