Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Living Expenses...Arrghhh

The biggest expenditures will be your living expenses. Nothing is free in Germany. You even pay to use the washroom. And the washing machine at your apartment.

 As a student you are mandated to pay for Health Insurance. The provider recommended by my school charges 90 euros a month. I also have to pay for rent, currently at 229 euros. And then I need to buy food, clothes, maybe books.

The school tries to provide all the books needed but then sometimes they all get borrowed quickly from the library so you have to buy them maybe from Amazon.

Then clothes, if you come here in October, your African clothing wouldn't suffice. You would need jackets, boots, and all types of warm clothing to enable you brace the cold. Good quality warm clothing can be expensive. It is recommended to buy at least 1 heavy jacket in your home country before coming. This will ensure that you are protected against the cold and also you dont  rush and buy an expensive jacket when you get here.

You def need one of these for Winter

Food! For the guys, if you are preparing to study abroad learn to COOK! I cannot overemphasis this enough. As a student, you will most likely not be able to afford to buy food from outside. Unless of course your surname is Dangote.

Currently I budget 20 euros for food every week. With that amount, I am able to purchase a 1kg rice, 1kg Oats, Cooking Oil, Tomatoes, Onions, Fruits, Chicken, Yoghurt (I love my Youghurt), Cheese, Sausages, water, some drinks etc.

So I should be able to spend 80 euros a month on food. Also because we spend most days out and I haven't yet figured out how to make lunch to class, I have to spend about 3-5 euros on lunch on some days.

So basically, this is how living expenses look like.


  1. Wao! Hope you are not too stressed?Is it the money you deposited in the blocked account you are spending now? And will it be able to take you for the whole period you spend in Germany without working?Kudos to you!


    1. Yes you everything from the blocked account. I will start looking for a job after the first 3 know you cant work till you have the resident permit which takes some time

  2. So with all the list of food items I gave you, you did not go with any? I had expected that at least you take some along so that you don't get to spend on food for a couple of weeks. Anyway, for your lunch pack, just make enough the previous nite and warm the following morning to take to school. One has to be wise when living in a foreign country otherwise you'll find yourself living above your budget. Forget cheese and sausages, not good for you. Eat more chicken and fish. You health is important as well. I wish you all the best

    1. You dont expect me to buy tomatoes, onion, cooking oil, sausages etc from Ghana when its even cheaper in Germany. Of course I brought food but I brought African food which I know I cant easily get here.
      Will try packing lunch to class and see how it works out...