Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Free Tuition?

I have received a few emails from blog readers asking about how the free tuition works in Germany. Let me quickly outline it

1. Apply for school
2. Get admitted
3. Apply for Visa
4. Come to Germany
5. Pay Semester Fees**
6. Start classes

**The semester fees are not tuition fees. They are just to cover some school administration fees and also your transport ticket for the semester. In some regions it is as low as 70 euros a semester. My school is 250 Euros a semester. Thats about all the fees you have to pay. You pay the semester fees for every new Semester.


  1. Well done and thanks for keeping us abreast as much as you can.

  2. You should update regularly so that your viewers don't loose interest or forget your blog

    1. Thanks for the feedback...but I'm trying my best

  3. What schools can u apply to.planning on coming to Germany for a masters in clinical pharmacy