Monday, 24 October 2016

Email me for enquiries

Hey guys,

I have been receiving quite a lot emails from you guys...A lot of you have so many questions and I try to respond as promptly as I can. But please keep in mind that as classes has started, I may see your email and make a mental note to respond but may end of forgetting

Also since I receive lots of emails, and I have limited time responding to everyone, I would prefer if the questions are straight to the point and specific.

Like if you send me an email saying 'I need your help', I would respond asking you the exact type of help you need. To save time, its better to tell me what you exact needs are and If I can be of help I will let you know...

It will be helpful for both of us if you also read previous posts as I've already talked about some issues. Like I mentioned earlier I have very little free time during the day.

Some general questions can be left as comments and I will respond to it as well. That way others can see the answer too.

Difficulties in the School/Visa application process or personal questions should be sent via email.

My email address is

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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