Thursday, 1 September 2016

Why I never considered the UK

During my search for a country to study, I considered so many factors. But for some reason I never ever considered schooling in the UK. The UK is actually a very popular destination for a lot of International Students but it never caught my fancy.

Every time I visit blogs, I am sure to see an advert from a UK school however it still did not make me consider them.

Notwithstanding, I am sure the UK is a fantastic place to study; high quality education, diverse population and of course their language is English.

Here are the top 3 reasons the UK was not  part of my choice.

High Tuition: The main reason I didn't consider the UK as a destination was because of the really high tuition fees. A year's tuition could cost nothing less than 12,000 pounds. Mind you that does not include your living expenses calculated at about 1000 pounds a month.

One year Masters: I truly want to be a Master in the field I want to study. And I just don't believe that a Masters course cramped into a year is enough. My preference therefore was for a 2 year Master program. UK schools usually offers 1 year courses so that was not an option for me.

Student Visa Rules: When you school in the UK, you are not allowed to stay after your studies to maybe job search. You are expected to leave the country immediately after your studies. Imagine spending tens of thousands of pounds on your education with no immediate returns. Especially if the job market situation in your country is gloomy.

So these are the main reasons I never considered schooling in the UK. I am sure that it may be the best choice for some other students. It all depends in your circumstances, really.

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  1. Thank you for this eye opening episode. You are just a blessing.