Friday, 23 September 2016

What are the essentials to pack?

I have less than a week to leave Ghana! Because I hadn't resigned earlier I will work till next week Tuesday and then prepare for my flight on Thursday morning. I am already exhausted thinking about all the preparations I have to make.

My main worry right now is what to pack. What must I not forget? If it was up to me I would go to Germany with one suitcase full of just the essential clothes I will need for my first few months. But I have a feeling I will miss some important and hard-to-find-in-Germany items.


So I have asked a few friends about the important items to pack and these are some of their responses

1. Maggi Spices

2. Bedding

3. Dried Fish

4. Corn Dough

5. Braiding Hair

Is there any thing you feel I shouldn't miss? Please help, I'm quite clueless.


  1. If I were you and as a proper Nigerian woman that I am, this would be my list:
    1. Plenty of yellow garri for eba and correct ijebu garri for soaking
    2. Groundnut
    3. Soup condiments
    4. Dried fish and stock fish
    5. Oloyin beans
    6. Dried vegetables for my soups
    7. Crayfish and dried pomo
    8. Egusi, Ogbono,
    9. Dried red pepper, yellow and black pepper
    10. Shea butter
    11. Vaseline

  2. Lol...but you need to eat well so that the books will sink well too.

  3. Wao! But are you supposed to go and cook your food there?