Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I want this so bad!

Every one who knows me personally knows how much I have been wanting to pursue a Masters degree.

Though I love my current job, I feel somewhat trapped in a career I have no passion for. I have always wanted to be an Economist, and for some reason, I have steadily built a career in another field. Probably the fact that my first job out of school was in this field.

If you are familiar with the career path of an Economist, you would know that you definitely need a Masters degree to even be considered for any serious job role. A PHD should be considered if you want to specialize in a particular field of Economics.

So I am at a point where I either grow in my current career or branch into Economics. The only way I believe I can make this switch is through my Masters degree. I have been gradually working on this dream ever since I graduated with my bachelors degree.

Money has always been an issue and I am glad that finally I have everything in place to qualify me for  a student visa.

The problem?

Everything I have worked for all these years, and all my dreams and hopes and aspirations are at the hands of the German Embassy. I have submitted my application and I am currently waiting for a decision from them.

It could be a Yes or a No.

I hope it's  a yes. Otherwise...

Throughout this whole process, I believe that the waiting period is the worst. At this point, my mind is always running crazy, I am always dreaming, imagining, thinking; what if?

What if I am called to the embassy and I receive my Visa. I think the best way to describe how i'd feel is FULFILLED.

I cant wait. Hopefully I should hear from the embassy soon.